What are the best, most talented individuals looking for when they start looking for another job?

Talented job candidates understand that they are the glue that holds contemporary companies together. Today, they hold much more leverage than they did twenty years ago.  Therefore, it helps for employers to know what the best, most talented individuals seek in a potential place of employment.

Providing talented employees with perks are essential. Monetary benefits are important, of course. Things such as retirement accounts and good insurance benefits matter a great deal. However, these days, the most talented candidates are seeking more. The potential for professional growth ranks highest after money. The good candidates are more likely to accept the jobs that offer them the greatest potential for professional growth. No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end job, regardless of how well it pays.

Second on the list of importance is the aspect of choice and control. The best recruits want options and choices within the confines of the organizational boundaries.  They want to be able to freely make decisions about what is best for their own careers, as well as for the organization, without constant scrutiny. It is no longer acceptable to offer rigid, pre-determined job descriptions.  Instead, talented professionals are attracted to jobs that will allow them to be creative and think outside the box. They want an attentive audience to listen to their ideas for change and they want to work for companies who will share their ideas for growth potential every step of the way. Top talent is attracted to the idea of lateral moves within the organization as well as moves up the ladder of success.  They are attracted to the challenges of trying new things and gaining additions to their skill sets.

The majority of talented recruits want to be team players that are associated closely with other talented professionals who share their ideals and missions for the company and as individuals. These types tend to have elevated levels of integrity and want their co-workers to hold the same things important. They want to be challenged regularly, both by their assignments, as well as by their fellow team members.  Truly talented professionals want to make impacts that help determine the outcomes of their projects and to know that if they leave the company, they will be well remembered for having worked there.

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