March 29, 2016

About us

Sorrell Associates, LLC
Customized Marketing Service!

Since 1995, Sorrell Associates has been creating customized marketing programs for businesses of all sizes.

Some of our areas of expertise are:

Producing proven effective customized newsletters.

Customized blogs.

Social Media Marketing.


Marketing Automation.

Coaching / Consulting.

Logo, Branding, and Marketing Programs.

and of course – customized mobile apps.

We offer these powerful marketing products/services in order to help you achieve your dreams and goals through an effective proven communications tool. \

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About Gary Sorrell
President / Owner of Sorrell Associates, LLC

Gary Sorrell

Gary Sorrell

Gary has provided Consulting & Marketing Services to companies nationwide at all levels of the organization from executives, managers, supervisors, sales managers, to front line staff.  Gary is a four time Chief Executive Officer and possesses over 30 years of experience in newsletter service, marketing, sales, hospitality, production, human resources, and customer service.  Gary has multiple years of experience in behavioral  profiling and assessments, marketing, strategic planning, marketing, management development, leadership development, team building, sales development, communications, customer service, managing for success, pre-employment assessments, and continuous quality improvement.  He is the president & owner of Sorrell Associates, LLC with two (2) office’s across the US. (Warsaw, OH & Oklahoma City, OK.)

Gary has extensive background in working with companies, non-profit organizations, and the Government in a variety of capacities from marketing & planning to customer service.  He also received the honor of recognition for employer of the year from the Akron, Ohio MRDD.

Gary has the education, background, expertise, skills, and processes necessary to assist companies in accomplishing their short and long-term goals, therefore positively impacting their bottom line for sustained future results and business longevity.

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