Your customers are always viewing their mobile device.... shouldn't they be looking at you?

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Apps for iOS, Android Smartphones, & Tablets

Once completed & approved by you, we will add your app to the app stores and make them available to everyone. A mobile app increases market visibility for your business, builds brand loyalty, and generates excitement for your special offers! This year, mobile device users will spend 3 hours 15 minutes per day using apps. Time spent on mobile browser activities will hold steady at 51 minutes this year and next.

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Custom Design For All Businesses

We create mobile apps for all types of business. Realtors ~ Attorneys ~ Recruiters ~ Staffing Agencies ~ Speakers ~ Consultants ~ Coaches ~ Associations ~ Auctioneers ~ Insurance Agents~ Auto Dealers ~ Fitness Clubs ~ Salons ~ Restaurants ~ Bars & Lounges ~ Conferences ~ Music Venues, & More. ALL APPS ARE: * Completely Customized * Personalized * Tailored to your business * Easy to download * Integrated with your website * Customized graphics, design, & layout. Your company app is completely designed with your goals in mind. Click on the icon above to see some specific industry stats.

Cutting Edge Technology

That you don’t need to learn. We do it for you based on your needs, wants, & requirements. Everybody loves apps because they’re more convenient, faster, and easier for users to navigate. Smooth / Simple / Fast / (and now) Inexpensive! We design your mobile app and give you many alternatives on the look, functions, and listings for both iOS and Android. Now is the time to get ahead of your competition and have a customized mobile app for your business.

“Push Notifications”

With our “PUSH” notifications you are able to send direct messages to your app users. Unlike emails, you are not competing for attention inside an inbox. You go directly to the user. Great for announcing contests, specials, new listings, appointment opening, services, new products, and much more. AND you are in charge of sending them out at your leisure. (Of course, we can do it for you if that is your preference)

Modern, Clean, Fast, & Functional

Mobile apps can keep your customers connected & engaged with your business, help your business stay organized, and help build your brand. Mobile apps are more popular than a mobile friendly website these days. Consumers check their phones countless times an hour! Think of all that “face time” you could get per visit to their home screen. Our customers don’t glance at their laptop nearly as often. Therefore, the mobile app is essential to stay competitive in your industry.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee you will be happy with your customized mobile app. Our team will work diligently to make sure we create the perfect app for your business. With over 20 years of being in business, we know what it takes to help you be more successful. Call us today!

A mobile phone app continuously sells your brand. You'll be front and center for customers each time they glance at their phone. (Talk about a reminder to buy or think about your product!) If you have an app, you'll get more visibility. Oh yeah, don't forget that your mobile app is search engine friendly and will help your company be even more visible in the search engines like Google.

Changing the way businesses think about mobile app's
May The App Be With You!

Your clients, customers, peers, colleagues, prospects, friends, and family always have their phones & mobile devices with them. Shouldn't you be there too? A customized mobile app gives you the ability to keep in contact and to keep top of mind. Plus with our "push" notifications, you can let them know of upcoming events, special offers, coupons, etc.... instantly. Mobile apps are the fastest growing industry and an effective marketing strategy. Don't hesitate. Let's get you started today. Call Gary at 740-824-4842 or email

  • design per clients requests, needs, and goals.

  • for app development depends on the number of apps in cue. Get started right now!

  • has the needed elements to grow your business. Keeping you engaged with your app users.

  • Responsive to your needs. Our customer service is second to none!


Weather it's a mobile app, a customized newsletter or blog, or other business development program.... we have the right talent for you!

Katie Sorrell

Proofing & Editing
Katie’s brings incredible expertise to our content proofing & editing.

Gary Sorrell

Designer / Writer / Developer / Technician
Gary is our marketing expert. Not only does he write articles for the newsletters & blogs, but he also creates and designs our apps. In addition he does all of our technical work.

Gene Sorrell

Newsletter Manager / Graphic Designer
Gene customizes every newsletter / blog to each clients needs. His speed, agility, and accuracy has been recognized worldwide.

Jack Sorrell

Final App Tester
Jack puts every app through the test…. if it isn’t easy enough for him, he rejects it and we start over!.

Create Engagement: If you want to make more money, then you need to increase the engagement you have with your customers. A mobile app is the best way to do this for your company. The more information, enticing offers, coupons, and updates that you can push to your customers, the more they will engage with your company, brand, service, or product. Adding a mobile app to your marketing strategy is a great way for you to increase sales and interest in your company.

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