Is Your Mobile App Hidden?

Is your mobile app hiddenLet’s face it, people are attached to their phone by the fingertip.  They are never far from their trusty cellphone.  As a culture, we are constantly on them and use them for our buying decisions.

What does that mean for you?  My suggestion would be that your mobile app is obvious and easy for their fast, busy fingertips to find!  Apps are an amazing tool to increase engagement with your customers.  If you don’t have a mobile app for your brand or business, then get one.

You have one already?  Fantastic, but is your app hidden from the world?  Are you customers aware that it exists?  If not, then you need to change that too.  Perhaps you have marketed it to your customers but they forgot they even downloaded the app.  Now that is another problem to correct.

A few tips when it comes to your mobile app:

  1. Be visible.

Often our customers will search for apps on their phone; however, I’d suggest that you have a download option on your website and in your email newsletter.  Be sure that they can find you easily.  What’s the point of having an awesome mobile app that is never found or used?  Get visible in every way you can.

  1. Be engaging.

You can’t just create an app and move on.  The goal is to use it to consistently engage with your customer.  Check out these ideas to increase engagement:

  • Make an app download a requirement to get a coupon code in order to use on a purchase.
  • Give regular sales and discounts to app users.
  • Share a tip or help via the app to downloaders only.
  1. Be simple.

Make your app easy and simple for your customers.  In fact, it should simplify their life or day in some way.  People gravitate to apps that help them in some way.  Will your app save them money, give them more info on your product, keep them more organized or give them direction in a simple way?

These are just thoughts but be sure to simplify their life so they continue to use your app and product.

Truly, you should have an app for your business.  Be sure to make it free, visible, engaging and simple.  Bottom line, you want to engage more with you customers and a mobile app is a great way to ensure that happens.

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Written by Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide.


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