How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

In today’s competitive job market where top talent determines the course of a company’s success, it is wise to use inventive recruitment techniques to attract the brightest and the best.

Social media is in the contemporary forefront for attracting talented individuals to your company.  A well-placed twitter or LinkedIn post listing your company’s benefits and requirements can bring surprisingly positive results.  Not only that, but it costs your organization nothing to advertise for positions using this method.  The key is to post notices that stand out and draw attention to the unique qualities of your business.  Rename the job title to sound more attractive.  A poorly written social media ad can actually scare candidates away.

Industry’s associations are also excellent places to look as they can hold entire pools of labor that have the same leadership characteristics. An untold number of talented job recruits are passive job seekers who find their positions by being referred by another person in the same industry.

Networking events give small businesses the chance to get higher visibility in their industries and they afford the possibility of identifying potential employees. They also allow businesses to stay in touch with and remain fresh on the minds of their contacts and relationships.

The interview process itself is one of the most important steps in attracting top talent.

In the interview, the potential employee can show you what he or she can do, and it’s also the perfect opportunity for the company’s benefits to go on display. You can expose your company’s competitive edge to the recruit.

People who represent your company in the hiring process must become convincing ambassadors for your company.  The bottom line is that when the talented job candidate reviews all of his offers, it is important that your job offer stands out among the rest.

By offering attractive monetary incentives, companies can attract talented workers.  However, non-monetary incentives are also important. Things such as company get-togethers can give the candidate a satisfying sense of unity and connectedness.  However, offering equity shares of the company can accomplish this as well. If the economic crisis prevents a particular organization from offering competitive salary rates, the equity route can be an impressive way to compensate.

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