Keys to Personal Productivity

No matter how motivated you are, productivity can fall to the wayside because of distractions. When it comes to organization, you have to re-evaluate on a regular basis in order to stay current. There are a few keys to personal productivity that you can implement to get more accomplished each day.

Determine Daily Priorities

At the end of each day, put together a list of priorities for the next day. Do not make an overwhelming list. Simply write down the top 4-5 things that have to get accomplished the following day.

You will deal with interruptions and things that come up in the day. If you write down a list of items that fill the entire day, you will be less likely to get it all done. That only leads to discouragement.

Work Uninterrupted in Thirty Minute Increments

There is no way to keep all interruptions from occurring in the day. However, if you determine to work for thirty minutes on a project and eliminate the distractions, you will get a lot done. Most things can wait to be dealt with until after the thirty minutes are up.

Attempt to work for a full uninterrupted 30 minutes at least once an hour. You will be amazed at how much you can get done if you take the time to focus.

Keep a Running List

In addition to the top 4-5 things you write down to accomplish each day, keep a running list of things that you do outside of the main things. This includes things that interrupt you and take your time. It will help you to look back over what you did during that day and feel more accomplished.

Group Like Tasks

Try to group like tasks together. For example, set up different times during the day to check your email. Respond to messages during these specific times instead of check all day long. This will keep you from wasting time and getting off track.

Set Hard Deadlines

One way to get more done is to set hard deadlines for yourself. Do not be lenient with yourself on these times. Determine a realistic timeframe to complete the task and be sure to get it done before the time clock runs out.

With these ideas, you will be able to get more done each day. The more you can do each day, the more successful you will be.

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