How to Hire Top Talent

One of the biggest problems in businesses today entails making mistakes about who to deploy to perform specific roles within an organization. There are a number of tactics available to assist employers in hiring the top talent to meet the needs of their companies.Featured image

First, the company should devise a blueprint for the role that needs to be filled within the company. Rather than hire the well-rounded employee who can fill any role, managers should seek individuals who have specific talents for specific roles. Strive to hire the specialist rather than the generalist.

Conventional hiring practice sets goals to attract those individuals who have graduated from the best schools with the highest grades. However, recent research has shown that this practice does not necessarily lead to recruitment of candidates most suitable to a specific position.

The process should not be about hiring the best person. It should be about hiring the right person. Seek the candidate who has a 90% chance of achieving a set of outcomes that only 10% of a group of people could achieve. This could as easily lead to the young woman who ran her father’s company instead of working toward that Harvard MBA.  The key is to be sure about the person you are hiring and make sure they will be able to accomplish the goals set forth by your company once they are in the role.

The majority of successful companies are now beginning to use their own networks to source talented candidates for a position. In other words, if possible, hire from within. It is common sense, but not necessarily common practice to stay in close touch with and talk to a company’s networks on a regular basis.  Finding the right talent can be as simple as asking trusted co-workers and associates the question, “Who do you think I should hire?” There is no better, more successful or more cost effective way to generate a flow of the right talent. But if you don’t know what you are looking for in a position, you won’t know what to look for in the candidate!

Managers tend to fail at hiring the ideal candidates who possesses the right talents because they do not follow a rigorous enough hiring process. Interviews should walk through a candidate’s entire career in chronological order.  They will also need to know how a person will do the job, why they will do the job, and will they do the job.

This is the best way available to make a good hiring decision. You are not going to be able to distinguish the real talent from the average performer in a rushed, twenty-minute interview. Taking the extra time at the beginning of the hiring process is well worth the time and effort when that right candidate comes through for your organization.

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