How to Encourage Visitor Interaction in Your Web Site

You can make your Web site more interactive with some of these tools. Feedback from your customers and visitors is important to let you know what you are doing right and what you need to change. But more importantly, it can help to build a trusting bond between you and your potential customers.

Newsletters (The #1 marketing tool)

A newsletter will enable you to keep in contact with your customers and prospects, thereby building a relationship with them. You can provide news of new products, special offers, new features on your Web site, etc.  Since they have requested this newsletter you can be sure that they will read it. This will give you the opportunity to educate, inform and to sell to them again and again. As you are aware we can put your newsletter marketing on auto-pilot….your contacts will think you created it yourself!

I suggest using Constant Contact for your e-mail distribution.  Click here to try it for 60 days for free. It is a good program at a low price but there are others. Click here for the list of programs we suggest.

Blogs (Growing daily)

A blog will help you capture more attention on the Internet. Having great information that you update regularly will help you rise in the search engines too. The hardest part of a blog is creating content. We have eliminated that problem. We will create the content for you. Check it out. Click here or Go to:


Give away some of your time to help customers and prospects solve their issues and build loyalty. A free 10-15 minute phone consultation, a free report, or a test drive of your products or services will leave a good impression of you and your company. If they like you and believe you can help them, they will buy from you. People like to reciprocate when they feel you have helped them.

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