Great Leaders are Personally Productive

The best leaders are always seeking ways to be personally productive. They constantly reach toward higher goals and take on meaningful challenges. Great leaders become an example to their staff by always moving forward. Great Leaders are personally productive

Exceptional leaders are constantly reassessing their own performance. They analyze their productivity and find ways to boost it. Leaders also look to outside resources to gain knowledge and skills. They take classes, attend seminars, engage in online workshops and read about their field.

To be an effective leader, you must be efficient in your own work. If you are disorganized, late, and harried, your team members notice. They feel it is acceptable to be behind in their own responsibilities. Strive to meet deadlines and always do your best.

Time means money and needs to be used effectively. Once you lose time, you cannot get it back. Prepare an agenda or checklist and stick to it. If something inevitable comes up, rearrange your schedule to accommodate the change. Be proactive about using time wisely and make staff accountable for their time, too. 

Establish a system of time management. Some managers use their computer, Smartphone or PDA. Others maintain a book or personal schedule. Set up a system that works for you. It should be accessible, simple to use and easy to understand. Also, establish a time management system for your employees to gauge their productivity.

Because of the dynamic nature of management, sometimes you need to shift priorities. Handle the situation with grace. Avoid stress by reevaluating your time and adjusting your schedule immediately. The sooner you handle an unexpected situation, the more likely you are to get back on track. 

One of the major mistakes made by many managers is taking on excessive external demands. Never spread yourself too thin. Enlist assistance when necessary. Know how to prioritize and what you can let go.

Make the most of staff members and administrators. Maximize their capabilities and put them to work. When everyone works together and focuses on the big picture, more is accomplished in less time.

A bonus tip to modern management is to designate a certain time to read and answer work email. If you constantly check your email, it becomes an ongoing distraction during the day. Stay focused on one task at a time and you will get them all done according to schedule.

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