Could Misalignment Exist In Your Company?

Could Misalignment Exist In Your Company?

Alignment is the delicate balance between an organizations’ people, processes, resources, and departments.  It is a matter of aligning your vision with people, strategy, structure, and processes with a focus on the customer and a foundation of core values.  Because they are interdependent, they must be aligned for success. Misalignment is when one or more of these components are not working towards the same goals or strategy. The longer the misalignment goes on the more destructive it can be. Sales, profits, turnover, & additional waste are just some of the outcomes from any one part being misaligned.

Often, misalignment slowly creeps into an organization under the radar. When left unattended it starts to undermine the success & outcomes of a company and its people. There are numerous reasons for this to happen but it cannot be left out of sync.

If misalignment did exist within your company, would it have a negative impact on the accomplishment of your overall strategy and goals? The answer is most likely YES!

Look at these questions to see if misalignment may exist in your company:

·       Are employees recognized for accomplishing the goal?
Yes____ No____ Sometimes____ Don’t know____
·       Has growth stalled?
Yes____ No____ Sometimes____ Don’t know____
·       Does the organizational structure support or hinder the accomplishment of the strategy?
Support____ Hinder____ Don’t know____
·       Does everyone have the skills needed to implement the strategy?
Yes____ No____ Sometimes____ Don’t know____
·       Has morale decreased with employees?
Yes____ No____ Sometimes____ Don’t know____
·       Do the processes, (policies and procedures, approvals, employee involvement, customers / supplier involvement, etc…) support the accomplishment of the goal?
Yes____ No____ Sometimes____ Don’t know____
·       Have your financials missed quarterly, semi-annual, or annual projections?
Yes____ No____ Sometimes____ Don’t know____
As an example, if the strategy is to improve sales by 3%, look for alignment in how sales are acquired, defined, and measured.

What is the current data?  ______________________________
What are the current sales goals?  ______________________________

How have these goals been communicating? ______________________________

Who (person or department) has an impact on achieving the goal? ______________________________

Does each of these people/departments have their piece covered by a goal plan?
Yes____ No____ Sometimes____ Don’t know____

Has the process been mapped and any bottlenecks/non-valued steps been identified?
Yes____ No____ Sometimes____ Don’t know____
If you or your employees have lost sight of the vision & mission of the company, misalignment exists. Furthermore, if your company does not have a set of core, well defined values upon which decisions are made, misalignment exists.

Communicate on a regular basis the overall company objectives, goals, values, and mission. Get everyone on board and working toward the same goals.

When re-alignment is achieved within your company, results will improve.

Written specifically for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected worldwide. All rights reserved.

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