Attitudes Are Contagious…Is Yours Worth Catching?

Attitude development is at the core of achieving successful, desired results and outcomes.

The way you feel about yourself and others plays a crucial role into your personal and professional lives. In attitude development, we tend to always want to rush through the process. You cannot do this. You have to take it one step at a time if you are going to truly change your attitude. Attitude development is an important and difficult task- but not impossibility. And remember; it’s up to you…only!

Here are a few tips on how to begin to develop a great attitude:

1. Don’t Stress– This may be the hardest step of all in attitude development. Our level of stress can control what we feel about ourselves and how we judge others. It is very hard at times to control your levels of stress. You can decrease your stress levels by looking at every situation logically. There is always a logical explanation to all the stressful things that are plaguing your life. Take a moment to look at the area around you in times of stress and slip into a calm and relaxed feeling. With practice, you can be stress free…almost!

2. Grow some skin– Not literally. Grow some skin refers to not taking colleagues comments personally. People are going to name call or joke with you. You need to be the better person and shake it off. Ignore the comments that are more often than not, jokes, and you will be better off.

It is hard to “turn the other cheek”, but it is more important that if you are going to make any change toward attitude development, you need to be able to just ignore the comments and move on. When you do, you can easily move on to the second hardest thing to do in attitude development. This is to control your temper.

3. Calm your temper– You need to be able to calm your temper if you are going to change your attitude. There are times in which we almost achieve complete change in our attitudes of others and then our tempers explode. This is partially due to our behavioral make up. Some people have short fuse tempers while others have long fuse tempers. It doesn’t matter what fuse you have, only that you are able to control it. Attitude development is very hard at times, but it can be achieved if you are willing to take the extra energy and take care of the little issues that trigger your temper. When you have taken out those triggers you can begin to see your change of attitude.

4. Read daily affirmations– affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself. These affirmations will help you with all the steps above and in times of self doubt. Positive affirmations will go a long way in keeping a positive attitude for years to come.

“It is your attitude that is going to hold you back or catapult you to achieving your goals and success!”

~ Gary Sorrell ~

Your attitude determines your altitude in life. How high do you want to go?

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