Mobile App’s Now Available For Car Dealerships

Now you can have a mobile app created for your car dealership at an affordable price.

Here are some reasons why your dealership needs an app.

  1. Keeps your name in front of car buyers.
  2. Establish direct relationships with customers. They have instant access to your contact information. One touch calls & emails.
  3. Customers can instantly search for cars by price, features, options, availability, models, special offers, incentives, etc….
  4. Quickly swipe to see rich and detailed photos & information of each vehicle. Plus they can share it with others.
  5. Your customers are already using them daily… and it is a growing trend.
  6. An app for your dealership business is a great way to showcase vehicles. It is an extension of your brand. And speaking of brand, an app can generate more brand awareness.
  7. You can connect with your customers whenever you want. Unlike social media networks & adds, you connect directly with your customers. With our “push” notifications, you can send a message out at any time. Special offers, reviews, new arrivals, news, service & repair offers, hours and more.  Send out as quickly as it happens and it doesn’t get lost with other social media posts.
  8. Increase customer loyalty with exclusive offers, news & advice, reviews, etc…. you can even have a loyalty & share program.
  9. You are only a tap away from your customers & potential buyers.
  10. An APP is another way for search engines to find your dealership!
  11. Customer engagement increases.

Shouldn’t your company be where your customers are…. on their phone?

Contact me today and let me show you some options for having a mobile app!


Car dealership mobile apps now available
Car dealership mobile apps now available!

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