Leaders Know Their Strengths and Weaknesses

The best leaders are intimately familiar with their own strong points and weak areas. By being honest with themselves, they are able to lead effectively, as well as recognize the strengths and weaknesses in others.

Great leaders already know perfection is an unattainable goal. Rather than attempting to achieve perfection, always do your best. Strive every day to reach new heights and take on greater challenges. This sets a positive example for your team members.

Frazzled leaders unsuccessfully attempt to do everything themselves, wrongly believing they are the only ones who can do it. It is more productive to build an effective team. When you take time to teach staff members and work with them, you reap long-term rewards. Confidently designate tasks to your team while you tackle new issues and ideas.

By knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, you can assign work accordingly. Certain staff members complement what you know. Others have skills and talents to make up for your weaker areas. Delegating effectively is part of outstanding leadership.

Always be realistic about your limitations. Going overboard leads to stress, worry and mistakes. When you go out on a limb too far, it breaks. Team members lose respect for a leader who pushes too hard and can’t make it happen.

Be in touch with your leadership style and goals. Interview potential staff members carefully to ensure they complement your unique leadership abilities. If they go against your basic philosophies, it causes confusion and a lack of productivity.

Go beyond the walls of your office to reach out into the neighborhood and world for ideas. Network with interesting people, take courses and attend seminars. You won’t learn new things unless you strike out beyond your comfort zone. Incorporate new ideas and info into your leadership role.

Be in touch with your values and be aware of how people perceive you. Perform ethically and honestly as a leader. Respect others to earn it for yourself. Work to create a positive image people admire and depend on.

Continue to learn, grow and enjoy self-development. Learning is an ongoing process in any business. There is always something new to discover and another goal to achieve. Keep reaching for the stars to inspire your staff to do the same.

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